Best boards exam Strategy for 1 month for Class 10th and 12th

Are you facing difficulty in preparing for your boards exam? Are you looking for the last month boards exam strategy? To help you score 90+ marks and study in an effective manner. Then you are at the right place. CBSE and ICSE boards exam for class 10th and 12th is just 1 month away. Many students are not able to cope pressure and utilise time properly out of fear and anxiety. Many of them don’t know where to start and how to start. I think most of us can relate this.

Don’t worry! If you haven’t prepared yet for your boards exam. I assure you this article will tell you some best boards exam strategy. It will help you score high marks provided you need to work hard and remain dedicated.

1. Set goals for each day:

This is one of the most effective boards exam strategy among students. Many students make their timetable and start studying aimlessly for each day. It often make them lose interest. And they waste their time in deciding which subject to study. To avoid this you must pick atleast 2-3 subjects or concepts you will focus daily. Whether it’s Biology, electrostatics, organic chemistry. Prepare a plan beforehand.

2. Schedule your study routine with reminder:

Besides preparing timetable allot each subject, chapter, topic a particular time according to difficulty level. Give hard subjects at least 3-4 hours. Always set reminder/timer and switch to other subjects as soon as the time gets over. Cover the left portion at the end of day when you have time. Don’t overstrain and work according to time allotment.

3. Give more time for revision and self study, minimise leisure time:

You should give 8 hours daily for revision, self study and 4-5 hours for question practice. Revise chapter or topics at least twice a week. Minimise your leisure time because it will break your daily routine.

4. Pomodoro technique:

The research studies have shown that this technique is very effective. Many students study for long hours without taking any breaks. It not only reduces their productivity for but also they are not able to remember everything. It is due to the fact that our brain is able to concentrate only for 15-20 minutes. This is the reason why many of us though studying whole day are not able to score good marks.

About technique: Set timer in your clock or smartphone for 25 minutes. During these 25 minutes you should only focus on studies and nothing else should bother you. After that take 5 minutes break. After the break, repeat the same process for 4 times and then take a long break of 15 minutes only. You can also use 50 minutes study time and 10 minutes break time.

5. Use this combination:

After learning any topic, derivation or formula take a piece of paper and write. Do it in a way like teachers do and teach the concept. At the same time speak just like a teacher. If you stuck or forget something go back to study and repeat the same process. This is Feynman technique. Along with this, use diagrams or visualise things to study any topic. Be it T.S. of ovary, pollen germination or projectile motion. These techniques will help in deepening your understanding and you will not forget topics easily.

6. Do’s and don’ts:

Avoid late night studies. Don’t leave things to study day before exam. Stick with your syllabus, textbooks and NCERT books for ICSE and CBSE students respectively. Students rush for learning more and hard topics than prescribed in syllabus. If you are preparing for competitive exams (Class 12) go for it.

7. Practice test, sample and previous year question papers:

The best boards exam strategy in less time is to practice as many sample papers and previous years as possible. You should atleast practice 5-10 year papers. Previous year papers are very important. As it helps you understand question patterns, chapter wise distribution, marking schemes and difficulty level. Practice test is also important. Students who scores good in exams have practiced and took tests from text books and other books. Practice test boosts your confidence and improve your time to solve paper.

8. Analyse your weak points and work on it:

Always make note of your weak points and give it special time for revision and practice. During solving problems mark the questions which you are not able to solve. Practice the same question at least 4-5 times.

Everyone of us wants to get 90+ marks in all subjects. On the other hand few of us are able to achieve it. It is due to lack of confidence, sincerity and strong dedication. These boards exam strategy will surely help you scoring high marks. Provided you should follow this strictly for 1 month without any procrastination and with discipline. It will also help you preparing other exams and getting flying colours. So, don’t waste your time and start following it from today onwards.