Profession or passion – What to choose?

Profession or Should I chase my passion? I’m sure many youngsters may have the same dilemma whether to choose a lucrative profession or to follow their passion. In India, most of the students are compelled to choose the profession they aren’t interested. Well! It’s not applicable for everyone but yes! most of them opt their profession either because their parents want them to do or this is the only option available for them.

Even if you ask primary school children “What they want to become?” the most probable answer- Doctor, engineer, IAS, IPS. While only few may say other options. But why is there such a difference? It is because since childhood they are instilled that these are the only good options available, way to make more money, “Beta you have to do this!” while the interest of child is suppressed.

To make my point clear, let me start with a story. There were two close friends named Amit and Sameer. Both of them had passion for dance. After schooling, Amit decided to do engineering without any interest just to make more money and under family pressure. Whereas Sameer continued to work hard for his passion. After few years, Amit had to work mindlessly in his office the whole day, with nominal income and was unhappy. While Sameer got fame, travelled all around, spent time with his family and was happy.

So, “What’s this good for?”. A lot of students take lucrative profession even though they lack interest because of family expectations and pressure, societal recognition of certain profession, peer pressure, media hype and love for society and money. The subject matter is very specific and doesn’t let children explore other options. But let me tell you, if you are choosing a profession you aren’t passionate about, you are wasting your time and you will end up facing problems and pressure.

Now you will say it’s useless to tell parents about choosing passion as profession. Every parents desire to see their children well settled in life. Parents think that passion as profession won’t pay much in the long run. Then comes their old saying –“INTEREST KA KYA KARNA, INTEREST APNE AAP AA JAEGA”. They fear that child will end up in wrong path if they choose passion. And ultimately students have to do B.Tech, MBBS… otherwise their relatives and “CHAR LOG KYA KAHENGE!” wouldn’t let them live.

I can give you a lot of examples of those who chose their passion as profession and are successful now. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and even MS Dhoni followed his passion for cricket. If you choose your passion as your profession, then you have to work hard, be disciplined, consistent and compassionate of what you do. It is our responsibility to give assurity to our parents and work hard for our passion as profession. Today, studies are more about creating a stand in society than personal happiness which actually matters in long run. Students sacrifice their interest for the sake of happiness of society. But often forgets that it is them who has to do the job for the rest of life.

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