Space Science & Insights of ISRO – Dr. T N Suresh

This was an amazing webinar launched by ThinkBlueBrain on Space Science and Insights of ISRO conducted by Great Scientist Dr. T N Suresh sir. Dr. T N Suresh Sir is a space scientist, adventurer and an explorer, also fondly known as Mahayatri (“The Great Indian Traveller”), has been a source of inspiration to all his students, family members and many  people who have interacted with him over the years. He has overcome many setbacks and challenges with “Passion and Perseverance” throughout his life. 

Some of Dr. T N Suresh Sir’s successes include:

1. Travel across the 7 continents and over 150 Countries.

2. First Indian Tourist to go to Edge of Space (From Yuri Gagarin Space Centre).

3. First Indian Tourist to go in a Zero Gravity Flight (From Yuri Gagarin Space Centre).

4. Incredible adventure experiences of exploring Hot Geysers, Deserts, Active Volcanoes, Mountains, Waterfalls,         Oceans, Forests, Farms, Equator and Mysterious Islands.

5. Tours of Ancient, Natural and Man-Made Wonders of the World.

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why dr. t n suresh Sir is known as adventurer and explorer

Zero Gravity ( first indian tourist to do so)

Volcanic Expedition

Water Expedetion

Sky Dive

Submarine Dive : Indonesia

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